How do I do it

Contrary to the many specialists in my professional environment, as an independent business engineer, I offer rather the capabilities of a „generalist“, who covers that wide area of applications, where technical, commercial, social and also ecological issues overlap.

As a business engineer, I am by training and decision first of all an engineer. However, I do not compete, for example, with the classical mechanical engineer. I function rather as an interdisciplinary problem solver, planner, coach, team leader, supervisor, technology manager. As a business engineer I have the skill and experience to use the holistic, systemic analysis of the technical realities to develop a suitable problem solution, to evaluate it economically, to utilize it for the institution under commercial principles, and to assess and control the effects of decisions on staff, engineering, market and environment.

Because of my extensive training and experience, I am neither limited by material nor industrial sector nor trade. I find my work in small, medium or large companies in industry, commerce or public and private transport, in consulting and insurance companies, in government and public utilities. As a business engineer, I am active as a staff member or a superior in the line organisation, a consultant in a staff, but also in entrepreneurial functions. 

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